Much consideration is given to the quality of a product in today's world. This is due to modern development. The quality of a product is identified through a number of variables such as the appearance, durability, and the function of the product. When we talk about appearance of any building, plastering and
skimming are very important.

A plasterer's job is a critical one since he helps to bring out quality product with better appearance.
Plastering increases fire resistance on a building and gives a wall wear resistance. It also gives the wall a better appearance. A plasterer needs to have excellent plastering skills in order to deliver quality work. Clay tiles, rough masonry and porous rocks need two coats of plastering. However, there are different types of plasters: the cement plaster, the lime plaster and the gypsum plaster. Plaster that is made from cement, sand and water is called cement plaster. The cement plaster is usually applied on walls where masonry work is done. Lime plaster consists of lime and water and the gypsum plaster is made simply by adding water to calcium sulphate.

Skimming is a skim coat. This is the name given to a plastering technique. There are many skim mixtures. Skimming is a plastering layer of thin coat. It is applied to an existing plaster to upgrade a surface. Doing a skimming job is a very difficult task. It needs much attention in order to guarantee a smooth surface. The surface level can vary from a thick layer to a thin one. However, the thickness of the surface is normally based on the client’s requirement.
The white layer of lime which is applied on rough cement is known or called a skim coat. A plasterer uses different technique to level and make the surface smooth. This will depend on the expertise level and experience. On the top of the skim coat paint is applied. This paint is applied to give the surface an attractive look.
There are similarities and differences of skimming and plastering are as follow. Skimming is a plastering technique. Skimming is a subset of plastering. Skimming and plastering are both applied to decorate buildings and increase the durability of the wall. Skimming is done to upgrade old building while plastering is done to new building. Plaster surfaces are always rough while the surface of skimmer is smooth and neat.